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Welcome to The Avian Stories

On an Earth much similar to our own, where mythical beings are real but invisible to most humans, there exists a race of human-like monsters with the souls of birds. A dove girl named Sybil moves to a flock of her own kind and befriends a crow named Zelda, and they quickly find themselves at the center of an ancient mythical/human conflict. (On hiatus)


May 30th, 2019, 10:15 pm

as im sure youve noticed...

I'm currently overhauling The Avian Stories, and as I am currently stuck in concept hell - I've taken down all the current comic pages in order to redo a bunch of stuff. Sorry if this is alarming to anyone, it's just that this comic means a lot to me so this is something I just have to do or it just won't feel right. I hope everyone understands!

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